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I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1960 to a traditional family and asisted to private schools, self-taught, skeptical, atheist, global citizenship, stateless and geopolitic division objector (defendant of the United Nations concept), civilly married and divorced, imitators, innovator, free-thinker and business & social entrepreneur. Not conventional.

My fifth name Francisco Javier Manuel Sixto y Justo (Fair) probably defines my basic principle. That sense of justice -coherence- led me to reflect and reject the bourgeois and catholic fundamentalism inherent in my upper-medium sociocultural context.

Since I was eight years old and in a stronger way at eleven as I read the whole Holly Bible (Old and New Testament), I moved away from the conventional sociocultural model, developing my own view of the world and the anthropologic model -cosmos and human being understanding- rejecting the social expectations of my own future, consisting this in being a married man with a lover -the latter was necessary to bear an empty, dependant and reductionist mother of my children and a medium/big family business manager.

In short, in being a social robot with a superficial life full of insustantial aspects:

Roles, relationships and activities that try to substitute the lack of vital purposes to fill this existential void.

Since I was a boy I had two clear issues, even if it took me decades to be fully aware of it:

  • Most of the things they told me in school, in my family or that I read in books, had too many conceptual mistakes. This brought me to build my own thinking, task in which I go on day after day.

  • The dogma which promulgated the need of finding a job as an adult semed absurd to me. I always had clear that in the future I would create my own professional activities, as I considered that those wich already exist are not enough and are not my area of interest.

As a teenager I tought mathematics, first when I was fifteen to a 8th EGB student and when I was eighteen to another couple of students from the same grade. The three of then got very good marks at school.

After graduations, and only because I was interest in the logic of numbers, I entered the faculty of mathematics, I bought all the boobks and, after studying half of the subjects during the summer, I decided that there wasn't any career that interested me to widen my knowledge not for my future professional life. Some years later I began a wide self-taught training dealing with natural, social and human sciences (anthropology, economy, policitics, psucology, sociology.


Other people say about me:

"Expert in persons", "that I know how to think", "that I know how to learn", "that I write very well", "that I know the system", "that I'm an innovator".

professional record

  • Employee from 1985 to 1989 (apprentice, head of departament, manager and member of the board of directors) at LogicSpain (Information Technology goods and service company). My iniciatives originated business lines and three modifications in the organization chart to fit in my new responsabilities. I submitted a resignation letter as a manager because I desagreed with their strategic inertia. In a month time I left the company. I was the only member of the board that rejected to be a shareholder.

  • Founder-manager for the first six months of 1990 in C-Doce (Information Technology goods and service company). I was the only member of the board that rejected to be a shareholder.

  • Business entrepreneur: Founder and first manager of Tel and Net De España, S.A. (ServiDesktop, S.A.) from 1990 to 2002, internationalized in Portugal during 1997. One of the worldwide pioner companies in the construction of a business proposal that included technologies, third party products and its own and external services, to provide "turn-key" projects and network and servers operation management services, producing corporate standards for several multinational corporations. Amongst other business transactions: Founder of several companies, all of them in the information and communication sector, split and sale of two business units and of the Portuguese filial and close-out of the rest.

Clients as the European BASF, the American COLGATE-PALMOLIVE and the Asiatic NINTENDO, aswell as business partners as Coopers & Librand, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Unisys, have reinforced my global mentality.

Evaluation of my youth

Making an evaluation of my already concluded youth, I came to the conclusion that I had made useful contributions to other people: I made hundreds of persons grow mentally and professionaly, some of them not related with work. I helped people who worked with me (partners, employees nad clients) to mature as professionals and human beings, to marry, to buy a house, to hace children, etc.

Now that my stage of youth is concluded, I am dedicated to intellectual and social matters.

Vital purpose

My purpose in life consists in being as coherent as possible -everyone's purpose as many may believe- meaning, inside our human nature in its triple bio-psycho-social dimension, leading a healthy (biological) life, mental (psychological) clarity and involvement in the emergent civilization as a result of the transition from the Industrial Age to the Information (social) Age.

Understanding better our reality and its possibilities by learning (from my own and other people's experiencies, theorical aswell as practical) to encourage and take part in innovations and in the process of change, both individual and collective. This way I integrate the psychological process of learning with the professional process of my social dimension, enlarging my vital coherence.

I work to influence influential people so that we change the world. I work to influence other social activists so that we change the world. I work to promote social activism that changes the world.

Ongoing projects

In 2002 I ceased my professional activities to begin my mental-professional mature cycle, according to my vital purpose described above. I focused on matters related to the transition fron the already decadent Industrial Age to the emerging Information Age. During 2003 I studied Economy and Management, the academic theory aswell as the main authors' work, analysing some of the economic activity sectors and some of the biggest multinational companies (more than 100 annual reports) and refining some business plans.

I dedicated the first half of 2004 to the study of other scientific disciplines, psychologic and sociology among others, until I decided to write a book in July 2004, from a holistic view: individual-organizations-humanity.

On basis to the ideas in the book and to the contacts with thinkers, training companies, executive development, event agencies, Team Building, coaching, philosophical advice, personal development, etc, since 2006 I work in increasing corporate effectiveness from various talents through publications and lectures based on my own conceptual proposals, among which the following stand out:

  • Person Building© (socialization process, move of culture to a persons brain by means of education and external influence), Personal Building© (individuation process fron the abstract thinking capacity that we have absolutely operational when ew are adolescents and Personal Rebuilding© (mental reconstruction process -awareness and redefinition of meanings- to create an individual thinking from sociocultural predujices reflexion and liberation, published in 2006 under the present science and free thinking. Precisely the idea of mental constructión is necessary to understand and promote talent.

  • Professional Systemic Vision©, published in 2006, gives a global frame to reflect about some of the basic believes and models that influence business decisions.

  • The Multiple Talents Theory (TM), published in "The Book of Talent" in 2008, improved in other publications in 2009. According to this theory, extraordinary resultst are obatined by different "interests" and "motivations" (they aren't a divine gift), so that there isn't a useful talent for every organization or society need (Superman doesn't exist).

  • Organizational Model of the  Multiple Talents© (MOTM), sketched in "The Book of Talent" and exposed in other publications in 2009, where it was refered to as Business Model of the Multiple los Talents (BMMT) to make easier its location in the business sphere.

  • Decentralized Globalization©, is the double process that describes essential aspects of the historical process: a decentralization related to the super-especialization of the organizations' world and a worldwide globalization that is disassembling the artificial geopolitical frontiersCoined about 2006 and published in "The Book of Talent" in 2008.

  • World leader in "professional self-reliance" searches on Google since 2012.

At the end of 2009, a person whom I admired and appreciated very much because of his impact in the young people, asked me for help to resolve a serious family problem. We had to ask for police support and judicial assitance. Due to their incompetence and corruption, at the end of 2011 I wrote the book "Abusecrazy. Spain: a country without rights", initially, a subject far away from my line as a writer. I devoted four years to this person and the judicial matters would go on for several years more. At that moment I –or we- had to submit them to the Provincial Court, to the Supreme Court and to the Constitutional Court. This experience has provided me enough documentation as to judicially certify the malfunction of the Spanish Rule of Law, due to illegal laws that are incompatibles with the higher laws (legislative and executive incompetence and corruption), ministerial malfeasance (political and administrative corruption), police corruption (chiefs and officers) and judicial public officers’ corruption (prosecutors, judges, legal secretaries and other support staff), lawyers, attorneys and both BAR associations. As a victim of this malfeasance of the rule of law, I can submit this conflict to be judicially resolved, a challenge that I’m taking with the objective of making the relevant authorities change this state of affairs or setting a precedent (case-law) that other people can use when they feel victims of this dangerous social malfeasance which is the last cause of the present crisis.

By the middle of 2013, after almost 4 years, I returned to my activity as a writer, combining it with the complicated conflict resolution.

2014 Association of Victims of the Rule of Law Professionals

Institutional systemic corruption is the main problem in Spain. Because of the referred self experience with police and judicial corruption, and conversations I had with other judicial victims and their associations’ representatives, 15 September 2014 I took part in the constitution of the “Victims of the Rule of Law Professionals Association” of which I’m president. Precisely the systemic corruption of the judicial system allows and boosts the systemic institutional corruption, of which the highest media expression is the politic corruption of “The Caste”, which is globally notorious.

2015 Federation for the Reason of the Right

Promoter and founder (16th February 2015), with other associations, of the “Federación por la Razón del Derecho” which I lead and which finality is, in other ways, to end with the judicial system’s impunity and the adoption of the United Nations convention against corruption. www.frd.org.es.

2015 Manifesto about judicial corruption in Spain

Redaction, publication (15th March 2015) of the manifesto about judicial corruption. This manifesto includes several testimonies of the judicial system’s victims and other associations that work against this judicial corruption. (Available in Spanish, English and German).”Corruption’s mother is in the judicial power”.

2016 Movement International STOP Judicial Corruption

STOP Judicial Corruption is an international movement that began in 2016 and is based on the website, which publishes:

  • Information about judicial corruption in several countries.

  • A list of judicial victims’ associations in several countries.

  • Other developing information.


2016-2017 International Association to Change the World

The International Association to Change the World was founded in Madrid (Spain) on 29th October 2016 by Javier Marzal and other managers of the Association of the Rule of Law Professional’s Victims (www.anviped.org.es).

The International Association to Change the World as a mission to promote a change in the national and international governance system.


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