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Date Media Title In spanish
10-04-2009 Patronal empresarial catalana, CEDE, Nuevo Management, etc. Los Talentos Múltiples y su modelo empresarial
(The multiple talents and their management model)


04-04-2009 Expansión & Empleo Los talentos múltiples en la empresa
(The multiple talents in business)
10-1-2009 Nuevo Management Entrevista exclusiva a Javier Marzal www.NuevoManagement.com
15-12-2007 Expansión & Empleo ¿Una nueva burbuja empresarial?
(A new business bubble)
17-11-2007 Expansión & Empleo Autoridad y liderazgo
(Authority and leadership)

Since October 2007 I publish a monthly article in spanish website www.NuevoManagement.com (excepting the last four months of 2008), until 9-4-2017.


El libro del talento. Los talentos en las organizaciones (2008, revisado en 2011)

(The Book of Talent. Talent in the organizations)

+ info (in spanish)

Abusocracia. España: Un Estado sin Derechos (2011)

(Abusecrazy. Spain: A State without Rights)

+ info (in spanish)


The Way to Change the World

(Part 1 of 2)

The decline of the industrial system - From representative democracy to abusecracy




The Way to Change the World

(Part 2 of 2)

Emerging system - From abusocracia to Social Market Democracy





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